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Bronwen was born in north-east London. Music has been a continuing passion throughout her life and she has been keen to embrace a variety of genres. Although she continues to write, record and produce her own material, Bronwen is happiest when working with others who share the bliss of creating music.


In the late 1990’s she met the amazingly versatile guitarist Peter Stothart and together they formed Guesswork. They regularly perform live and have produced two albums, attracting great reviews. 


Bronwen composes original music to accompany short online trailers for authors promoting their books. In this field, she works closely with Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics, who creates each film individually to best capture the essence of the book.


Featured book trailer 'The Sea Witch Voyages' for client Helen Hollick:

The trailer features an original composition written and recorded for this project. See all of the trailers on YouTube HERE.


In addition, Bronwen creates music and songs for most kinds of theatre productions and films. She has recently composed a number of original songs which will be featured in the proposed movie production, 1066.


Also a professional actor, Bronwen has worked with numerous children’s touring theatre companies as well as taking on serious roles in political plays and contemporary mask and physical theatre productions. She has also performed in Panto and Street Theatre comedy shows.


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Albums Available


Prices and Ordering listed below per album:


songs of a sea witch

Songs of a Sea Witch

Bronwen’s latest solo album is ‘Songs of a Sea Witch’, released to complement the ‘Sea Witch’ novels of Helen Hollick. A must for sea lovers, it captures the essence of the oceans and seafaring lives. “Bronwen's voice has an almost other worldly ethereal feel over such hushed, delicate instrumentation”.


UK ~ £10 each (plus £1:50 postage per CD)

International ~ Sterling £10 each (plus £4 postage per CD)

Listen to samples from 'Songs of a Sea Witch'



undying love cover

Undying Love

A collection of fifteen songs of love and passion in all it’s various and surprising forms. Pop, Latin and Jazz influences combine in this thought provoking work.


UK ~ £10 each (plus £1:50 postage per CD)

International ~ Sterling £10 each (plus £4 postage per CD)

moonstruck cover


Under the name Bronwen David, this first solo album was engineered and produced with internationally acclaimed musician, Nigel Shaw. A blend of New Age and Traditional Folk Roots, the songs weave stories in glorious harmony with dulcimer, guitar and gentle percussion.


UK ~ £10 each (plus £1:50 postage per CD)

International ~ Sterling £10 each (plus £4 postage per CD)

daimon soul cover

Daimon Soul

Features the talent of several guest musicians. Keeping traditional themes in place, it also sees an expansion into broader realms of contemporary song writing.


UK ~ £10 each (plus £1.50 postage per CD)

International ~ Sterling £10 each (plus £4 postage per CD)

cd package

[N.B.] ‘Moonstruck’ and ‘Daimon Soul’ were recorded some years ago and are now sold as a special price bargain set.

UK ~ £15 for both CD’s  (plus £4 postage)

International ~ Sterling £15 for both CD’s (plus £7 postage)

cabin fever cover


enter alone cover


As Guesswork, Bronwen works in partnership with guitarist Peter Stothart.
Their albums:

‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘Enter Alone’, present thoughtful song writing in a fusion of Pop, Rock and World Music influences. Featuring stunning guitar work from Peter and Bronwen’s trademark harmonies, the result is deliciously dark, theatrical fruit.


“Intoxicating and magical albums that are hard to categorise due to Guesswork’s multiple influences and far reaching song textures”


“Guesswork's combination of pretty melodies, inspired instrumentation and breathtaking vocals are a joy to behold.”

For more information on Guesswork, please visit:

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