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We perform Medieval, Tudor and Traditional music using recorders, dulcimer, harp, medieval bagpipe, psaltery, guittern, drum, viola and voices. We play at churches, museums, historical events, heritage sites and private functions.


Our music spans the centuries, featuring eight hundred years of music for commoners and courtiers. We encompasse stately court dances and tavern songs; from famous composers of the day to obscure and haunting ballads passed down through the generations.

On our eclectic musical journey we visit the court of Henry V111, the Tower of London, Inns, Battlefields, Cathedrals and the landscapes of our ancestors.

The songs are rich with the imagery of proud Kings and ill-fated Queens; the sun in summer and winter snows; first love and betrayal; nightingales and swans; roses and willow trees. We delight in taking you back in time to share these stories through a rich and varied selection of musical entertainment.

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